Next steps for contract
The last piece of our contract negotiations has been wrapped up. We are happy to announce the arbitrated award for 2021 is the 3% we were looking for, this is inclusive of the 1% we already received. Therefore, as of June 26th 2024 our new contract is in effect. This contract will expire October 31st 2025.
The percentages again are as follows:
2021- 3%, 2022- 3%, 2023- 3.5%, 2024- 3%
Fulltime benefits will take effect August 1st, 2024.
90 days to administer the retro pay was agreed to by the union and the employer. Retroactive pay adjustments shall be paid no later than September 20, 2024 to active employees and employees who retired on or after November 1, 2021.
Paying out immediately is not possible. For perspective: all active employees and retirees will need the retro pay for the bill 124 wage re-opener. Then all active employees need retro pay from the start of this contract starting November 1st 2023 until now, all pension entitlements need to be calculated for all active employees and people who have retired already during this period along with their termination payment adjustments. These years need to be properly calculated from the year 2021, this is when the compounding starts. The park will be issuing a separate check for the retro pay, and the breakdown for the years will be segregated. The pension contributions are the main reason for the extra time needed to adjust and pay out the retro. The Park will contracting a third party to assist in this process.
“Effective for the pay period commencing July 7, 2024 with a deposit date of July 26, 2024 Human Resources will be uploading the revised wage rates, shift, premiums, and benefits in lieu. The period of retroactivity to be calculated will include time up to July 6, 2024. Please note that the updates will occur durning the pay period and will be visible at the latest on July 24th, 2024”.
Thank you all, for the support through out this negotiating process. The team greatly appreciates all of your input and determination in sticking together to finally reaching an end to this unprecedented round of bargaining. Lucky for us we get to do it all over again in less than a year. Please watch for our next poster advertising our August General Membership Meeting agenda.
Tom Churney,
OPSEU/ SEFPO President
C: 905-321-5677
Colective Agreement