Dear Brothers & Sisters of Local 217:

As of May 16, 2019, I will be stepping down as your President. I have accepted a Staff Representative position with OPSEU for Region 7.

The decision to apply and accept a position was extremely difficult to make. Like many of you, I was hired on right after high school, and I never pursued post-secondary education because I was given a full-time job at the Niagara Parks Commission. I always thought I would work and retire here with many of you. In Fall of 2018, I applied and was accepted to OPSEU's Membership Development Trainee program where I was given the education and resources to learn more about labour, in hopes to better assist our local with union business. I never imagined I would ever have been given the opportunity to take my involvement with the union further and make it in to a career. But OPSEU supported me, and invested in my education, and I was given an opportunity I never thought was possible.

Even though I am stepping down as your President, I will always be a resource to the membership and will ensure that all matters I have been assisting with are seen through by providing advice and support to the LEC, Stewards and Members. I am honoured to have served you as a Steward, Accommodations Representative, Member of the Bargaining Team, Secretary, Chief Steward, and President.

Please join me at the next General Membership Meeting Thursday, May 16 to say farewell.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported me along the way. Without your support, this would not have been possible for me and I will always remember that.

In Solidarity

Mark Campaner


EPEW Bill 148



Below you will find a brief summary of the emergency meeting held on May 8, 2019. If you were unable to attend and wish to file a grievance regarding Bill 148, Equal Pay for Equal Work, please read and follow the steps outlined in the summary.


Meeting Summary


*         During the last round of negotiations both parties agreed on an LOA that the employer would conduct a review of all seasonal positions, and adjust the pay if they found in their review that the positions were compliant with equal pay for equal work by December 31, 2018. The Employer failed to produce the review and the union subsequently filed a Policy Grievance demanding that they produce the review.


*         After agreed upon timeline extensions so that the employer could complete the evaluation in accordance with Letter of Agreement #18,they responded to the grievance and met with the Union on April 23, 2019.


*         The Employer did not agree that any jobs brought forward by the Bargaining Team had met the criteria to be compliant with Bill 148, Equal Pay for Equal Work Legislation


*         The Union provided a mail out packages to the members, providing them with the tools and instructions to be able to challenge the decision if they felt that their position met the criteria for Bill 148, Equal Pay for Equal Work Legislation


*         Given the number of grievances that both, the Union and the Employer anticipate, both parties have agreed to the following in a memorandum of settlement:


1.       The members of Local 217 will have until June 7, 2019 to file their individual grievance form (4 weeks)


2.       The Union and the Employer have agreed to bypass the complaint and first stages of the grievance procedure outlined in the collective agreement


3.       The employer will respond to all grievances twenty (20) days following the June 7 deadline


4.       After the responses are given to all grievors, the Union and the Employer will agree to meet to discuss how to proceed best to further process the grievances.




If you have not filed your grievance yet, and wish to do so, please follow the instructions below:


1.      Fill out all applicable information on the enclosed grievance form found in your mail out package


*Leave Regional Office file # blank


1.      In the Statement of Grievance box print the Full Time Job Class that you are comparing to

Example: Fulltime Gardener, Fulltime Labourer, Fulltime Janitor


3.      Sign and date your form on the applicable lines


4.      Print your Steward's name and their contact number on the applicable lines


5.      Make three (3) copies of your completed form (for you, your Steward and your Supervisor)


6.Hand your completed form in to your immediate Supervisor before June 7, 2019


*Note: If you did not receive a mail out package, contact a steward so that they can provide you a form


Grievance Form Statement


Below you will find a template in the case that you did not receive a mailout and are required to fill out your grievance form on your own.


Statement of Grievance:I grieve that the Employer has failed to adjust my seasonal status wage rate appropriately in violation of the Employment Standards Act, Bill 148, any other relevant legislation that may apply and any Article of the Collective Agreement that may apply.


Settlement Desired:Full redress including the following remedies:


- That my wage rate is adjusted accordingly

- Any other remedy that an arbitrator feels will make me whole


Contract Amendments
You can find a copy of the "Memorandum of Agreement" or "Contract Amendments" HERE
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Seniority Lists
As mentioned at the GMM there are errors, please review the list for your department and contact HR to report any discrepancies.
Attention All Seasonal Staff
It is critical that you provide us with an updated private email so that we may contact you regarding updates on Bill 148, Equal Work For Equal Pay.
Please email your position and work location so we can associate your email with you. And contact you with pertinent information about how the new Bill effects you.
Also check your junk-mail folder in the following if you do not receive a conformation email from us.
We would like to have a Steward in every location, if you or a coworker are interested in becoming a Steward please contact a member of the executive, or nominate them at the next general meeting.

Thank you.
President:Mark Campaner
Department:Horticulture, Butterfly Conservatory
Cell:289 687 3345
Home:289 407 0687
Vice-president:Anna Levay
Department:Golf, Legends
Cell:905 341 3430
Chief Steward:Tom Churney
Department:Trades Helper
Cell:905 321 5677
Secretary:Rick Gelineau
Department:Horticulture, Oaks Garden Theatre
Cell:905 246 0041
Treasurer:Nigel Gray
Department:Horticulture, School of Horticulture
Home:905 371 1127
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